House System

Our four school houses are named for the most prominent mountains in the four nations which were represented by our first student group.  Each house is represented by a colour:

  • Fuji (Japan) – Red 
  • Jade (Taiwan) – Green
  • Halla (Korea) – Blue
  • Uluru (Australia) - Yellow

The Secondary School uses a vertical Homeroom structure based on the 4 College Houses, and incorporates wellness exercises and activities into Homeroom activities to encourage peer bonding, and personal development.  Assemblies are regular, and focus on achievement, and communication of key information.

Your child will find a home in one of these four houses, and will take part in a range of competitive events throughout the year – these can be in the realms of sporting, artistic, academic, or community events.  Your child’s teachers and other staff are all part of the house system, and there is a very real sense of pride in one’s house.

The premier event of the school house competition is the annual Foundation Day Race:  This event is modelled after traditional ‘race around the quad’ events, and the race contributes points to the awarding of each year’s prestigious ‘house trophy’ - A large ‘cup’ presented to the house which has achieved the highest score across all events during the year.