College Mission & Vision


A place to belong.


Educating Global Citizens

Education for globalisation is considered by Hills to be; offering a world-class education from quality staff, with an appreciation of and empathy for other cultures and peoples. It is educating our students to be able to take their place as world citizens in the future.

Mission Statement

Hills College aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and resilient young people who strive to achieve their potential, within a safe and supportive environment that encourages intercultural understanding and respect for all.

Hills College works with partners to develop significant and relevant experiences that assist our graduates in developing a global understanding of becoming:

• effective communicators
• effective problem solvers who can think in a variety of ways
• creative and innovative
• responsible for sustainable practices

College Emblem

A stylised globe: the symbol of a global outlook indicating that the College seeks to promote a fully-rounded exchange of ideas, understanding and tolerance, and an appreciation of each individual’s place in the world.