Hills International College is a wonderful place to lead. I am blessed that I have been given the opportunity to be Principal of Hills since 2010 – the Place To Belong. The sense of community at the school is very special – it is a place where teachers, staff, parents and students combine to provide a supportive place to learn. 

Hills International College displays many characteristics which make it unique. We are committed to providing quality academic and sporting facilities where all students have the opportunity to excel in an environment where language, culture and activities are shared. By enabling young people of different cultures to mix and learn from each other, the College is preparing a new generation of genuinely global citizens. 

We maintain a policy of reasonable class sizes, and parents are encouraged to maintain contact with the College. As a result of this, we are able to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses quickly, and take steps to remedy and/or extend them intellectually. Parents are welcome to make an appointment at any time to see relevant teachers or Heads of Department to discuss any concerns, or to get extra feedback on their child. 

Above all, Hills is an extremely friendly school where new students are made to feel genuinely welcome. We are able to provide students with more personalised care and attention; a fact evidenced by our confident and self-assured student body. 

The College motto “A Place To Belong” and the student charter outlines the school values : 

Live with Compassion 
Act with Integrity 
Work with Diligence 
Strive for Success 

Please contact the school for your individual tour of the College with me. I am always happy to show prospective parents and visitors our wonderful campus, caring teachers, and amazing students. 

Mr Kevin Lynch (B. Sc. Dip Ed, M Ed) 
Hills College Principal and CEO