Secondary Years 7 to 10

Our Secondary College provides students with an educational environment where they can Live with Compassion, Act with Integrity, Work with Diligence and Strive for Success. Our learning experiences continue to move towards developing inquiry as an approach to learning with links between subjects to create interdisciplinary outcomes which embrace thinking for specific purposes.  

Hills College Teaching Staff are welcoming, inclusive and accessible. They provide students with learning opportunities which are current as well as facilitating within these learning environments experiences which are differentiated, therefore acknowledge different learning styles.  

Hills Secondary College in Years 7 – 10 offers many subject choices which enable students to become engaged in learning experiences that are structured to stimulate and challenge. These learning opportunities are differentiated to meet the needs of a variety of learners and the assessment instruments reflect this approach. Students who require continued support will have that opportunity with an experienced team.  

  • English and Mathematics (student learners are supported in three separate environments) 
  • Science (Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Psychology for Year 10) 
  • Digital and Design Technologies (semester rotations for Years 7 – 9, a one - year program for Year 10) 
  • The Arts (semester rotations for Visual Art, Drama, Music and Media Arts) 
  • Humanities (Geography, History, Business) 
  • Japanese and Chinese for Years 7 to 9