Your child will be part of a safe, supportive community, where we explicitly teach and model the fundamental values of our College:  Live with Compassion; Act with Integrity; Work with Diligence; Strive for Success.

  • Compassion is the first, and foundational, value at the College.  It is the only way to understand the worth of others as equal to our own.
  • Integrity is the ability to understand oneself, and one’s worth.  Without this understanding, the desire to grow cannot occur.
  • Diligence is the desire to continually improve, and the dedication to do so.
  • Success is the achievement of growth, through effort, error, reflection and assistance.

We provide clear policies in relation to:

  • Codes of Conduct (Behaviour, uniform, etc)
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Child Protection
  • Risk Assessment
  • Support and Counselling
  • Careers Advice

When interacting with students, staff use a shared language based on positive reinforcement and support and make specific reference to the language of the LAWS.  The LAWS are also referenced in all school assemblies, and during other school events.

The Head of Wellbeing leads a team which includes:

  • Year Level Coordinators
  • Student Support Officer
  • Head of International Programs
  • Learning Support Coordinator

As your child grows and develops, we will provide age and stage appropriate experiences and activities which will develop the key personality traits and behaviours they need to thrive:

  • Resilience
  • Honesty
  • Independence
  • Empathy
  • Mindfulness
  • Positive self-talk
  • Curiosity
  • Courage

From Year 4 to Year 12 our students undertake annual seminars, camps, or development sessions that provide targeted opportunities for them to challenge themselves and develop their sense of self and self-worth.  These activities could include:

  • Abseiling
  • Rock-climbing
  • Kayaking
  • Personal reflection
  • Team-building
  • Public speaking
  • Positive relationships
  • Mindfulness
  • ‘Grit’
  • Study habits
  • University visits
  • Trade ‘tasters’

Each week your child will have the opportunity to participate in a range of extra-curricular activities which encourage skills such as friendship building; self-expression; fine and gross motor skills, and community service.  

We draw on a range of staff and external experts to provide all our extra-curricular and wellbeing programs, and we constantly seek to improve and extend our wellbeing programs.

Mr Ben Pope
Head of Wellbeing