Hills College offers boarding facilities for both male and female students in Years 7 to 12.

The happy memories of boarding at Hills College will last a lifetime!  Your child will establish relationships which span decades and continents, and the shared learning and growth experienced by those who board with us is one of the highlights of each year. 

Your child will establish relationships with other students of diverse nationalities, cultures, ages, and interests. The on-site boarding team will care for your child and with the guidance of the Hills College Wellbeing team will assist your child with their education, development, daily living, emergencies, or personal matters that arise. 

Your child is required to complete regular study sessions during the school week; staff work with them to ensure each student is able to manage their learning in a timely manner.  Our staff will work with your child to develop their sense of personal integrity and diligence; your child will be encouraged to maintain their personal living space and to achieve a high standard of personal presentation. 

The Boarding environment allows groups of students a degree of privacy, but with the advantages of communal living.  Activities and excursions allow students the chance to socialise and relax outside of school hours.